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How to make better, more evidence-based decisions and boost performance

Being able to make sound, evidenced-based training and development decisions within your organisation is crucial. The effectiveness of your decision-making in this area can have profound implications that will directly impact your organisational performance. First, it’s worth reflecting on just a few of the reasons why you should ensure that your training and development decisions… Read more

Why having the right knowledge retention solution is the simplest way to build employee engagement and boost performance.

Having high levels of employee engagement is the holy grail for many companies. It is seen as one of the most important factors in an organisation’s success. Engaged employees bring a huge amount to the business – not least a deeper commitment to a company that they feel shares their values and ambitions. Take this… Read more

Why the science behind learning retention is simpler and more effective than you might think

One of the biggest barriers that we encounter among potential clients is a genuine confusion, sometimes scepticism, around the science of learning retention. We’ve found that managers at all levels can often be hesitant to invest in a solution that they initially believe is complex to explain to their peers, and potentially onerous to implement…. Read more

Worried learning personalisation means complexity and time you can’t afford? Here’s why it doesn’t have to.

Most of us will agree that personalisation is a good thing. It is a trend that we are seeing in many different areas of our lives. Whether it is our experiences online, in-store shopping or using a streaming TV service, we’re moving increasingly towards a world where our interactions are uniquely tailored to us. And… Read more


There is no doubt the Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives in lots of ways, and whilst we can all clearly see plenty of downsides, there are positives emerging, such as the profound impact it has had on learning and development (L&D) strategies. Revealing research Research from Fosway Group, Europe’s leading HR analyst, reveals how… Read more