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Worried learning personalisation means complexity and time you can’t afford? Here’s why it doesn’t have to.

Most of us will agree that personalisation is a good thing. It is a trend that we are seeing in many different areas of our lives. Whether it is our experiences online, in-store shopping or using a streaming TV service, we’re moving increasingly towards a world where our interactions are uniquely tailored to us. And… Read more


There is no doubt the Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives in lots of ways, and whilst we can all clearly see plenty of downsides, there are positives emerging, such as the profound impact it has had on learning and development (L&D) strategies. Revealing research Research from Fosway Group, Europe’s leading HR analyst, reveals how… Read more

Coping with the ‘new normal’ isn’t easy. Here’s how technology is helping with employee mental health and wellbeing.

One of the defining aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the increasing role that technology has played in our lives. And yet, as we’ve become more dependent on tech to connect us professionally, the stories we hear are often more about how bad it is for us. Our growing reliance on technology It might… Read more

Struggling to change mindsets around training? Why competition is the key to motivation.

Too often, the training that companies deliver can feel isolated, disconnected and reactive. And in our experience, when this happens, many employees struggle to engage with it. That lack of engagement with training can lead to poor performance, and ultimately prove incredibly costly for the organisation. According to some recent research, disengaged employees have cost… Read more