When the Intuitive Learning Group launched back in 2017, it was because we recognised a key challenge facing organisations.

We saw how much time and money companies were investing in training and development and we saw how much of that investment was not delivering the business benefits.

We saw that there was plenty of training being deployed (formal and informal) in these organisations, but not many people who were actually learning and retaining to the desired knowledge and competency levels.

But we had a hunch that technology – combined with our wealth of customer-facing experience – could help bridge this gap. And we wanted to prove that we were right.

So, we brought together people who understand AI and the latest available technologies, but who also truly understand human beings, and the things that make them want to engage.In the years since then, as individuals, we’ve never stopped learning.

And with Cognito Learning, as a team we’re proud to have built something together that’s making a positive difference for our customers every single day.

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